Our focus here is Philly-friendly bicycles. We carry a selection of new and refurbished bikes for commuting, touring, and entry-level road riding. You'll find accessories for every day and recreational use, from helmets, locks, and lights to racks, bags, and fenders. Our service department is capable of tuning any machine, from vintage to modern.

Hey, guess what?

It's official - we're opening up a second shop! It will be on the 2800 block of West Girard in Brewerytown, and the name will be... wait for it... Brewerytown Bicycles. The Grand Opening is this Saturday, April 19th! We're super excited to expand into a neighborhood where we already know a bunch of y'all that live there, and hopefully we'll get to meet some new faces too. We'll be full service over at the new shop, and we're going to stock some different and fun bikes, gear, etc. If you want to keep up with the happenings, we're on all them social media jawns - facebook / twitter / instagram